Beginning with its opening the glass palaces are always available as showcases. During the opening times they are curated.

Opening times

Do 18 05 17 — 21:30

Video installation: The isolated city at the centre of world trade. By Michaela Rotsch

Fr 19 05 17 — 11:00

Project overview and announcement from the first edition of the GLASPALÄSTE journal. Concept: Michaela Rotsch &
Irmtraud Voglmayr, University of Vienna

Sa 20 05 17 — 11:00

Borders of Taste. By Norbert Burggraf, Judith Fischer, Barbara Pelzelmayer, Lena Trost, Martin Zenker, students from the University of Vienna. Led by Michaela Rotsch & Irmtraud Voglmayr

Fr 26 05 17 — 11:00

A quiet refuge in the midst of mobile glass palaces. By sociology students from the University of Vienna. Led by Michaela Rotsch & Irmtraud Voglmayr

Fr 02 06 17 — 16:00

Islam and Sikhism, Reformation and borders: a questionnaire. By Bert Praxenthaler

Fr 16 06 17 — 16:00

I live in a city with many borders. I have the possibility to travel. By Kadir Fadhel

Fr 23 06 17 — 16:00

Myths-Angels-Dreams - “Go not to Wittenberg” – in the footsteps of the Jewish. By KulturBotschaft. Project management: Isabel Schaffrick

Sa 24 06 17 — 16:00

Pupils look beyond the borders. By Elif Agde and Danae Ioannou, University of Vienna with the Gymnasium School Fener and the Gymnasium School Ottobrunn. Led by Michaela Rotsch & Irmtraud Voglmayr

Fr 30 06 17 — 16:00

The saree as a gendered socio cultural identity. By Jyotika Purwar & Martina Spies

Fr 07 07 17 — 16:00

Blanked out: Border constructions in the backyard of globalisation. By Marina Klimchuk

Sa 08 07 17 — 16:00

Announcement of the second edition of the GLASPALÄSTE journal

Fr 14 07 17 — 16:00

The Pastfuture of Black Knowledge in Europe. By Natasha A. Kelly

Sa 29 07 17 — 16:00

The development process of the Reformation – an epidemiology. By Manfred Gödel

Sa 05 08 17 — 16:00

Public Panel

Sa 19 08 17 — 16:00

Announcement of the third edition of the GLASPALÄSTE journal

19 05 17 — 10 09 17

Guestcube of the Johanniter

Location / Opening times

The square between the Neues Rathaus and the Exerzierhalle, Lutherstraße 56

Each glass palace will be opened every Wednesday until Sunday until the beginning of the VITRINEN exhibition on 6 August.

19 & 20 May 11.00 - 18.00
21 May - 22 June Wed - Sun 14.30 - 17.30
23 June - 6 August Wed, Thu 14.30 - 17.30
Fr, Sa 12.00 - 18.00
Sun 12.00 -17.00
19 & 20 August 12.00 -18.00

Michaela Rotsch

Bildende Künstlerin, transdisziplinäre und -kulturelle Forschung mit arabesken Organisationsstrukturen und syntopischen Werkstrukturen.

* Der Prototyp der Glaskuben stammt aus der künstlerischen Werkstruktur SYNTOPIAN VAGABOND, die hier mit dem transkulturellen Projektansatz von GLASPALÄSTE durch die gemeinsame Rahmenstruktur der Glaskuben verbunden wird. Dadurch wird die Grenze zwischen Bildender Kunst und anderen kulturellen Bereichen ausgelotet.

Michaela Rotsch

Fine artist, transdisciplinary and transcultural research with arabesque organisational structures and syntopic work structures.

* The prototype of the glass cubes comes from the artistic work structure SYNTOPIAN VAGABOND, which is linked here to the transcultural approach of GLASPALÄSTE through the common structure of the glass cubes. Thus the boundary between contemporary art and other cultural areas is explored.

Irmtraud Voglmayr

Soziologin und Medienwissenschaftlerin, Schwerpunkte in Forschung und Lehre: Stadt- und Raumforschung, Medien, Gender und Klasse.

Irmtraud Voglmayr

Sociologist and media theorist, focussing on research and teaching: city and urban planning, media, gender and class.

Juliane Zellner

Juliane Zellner studierte Theaterwissenschaft (M.A.) in München, Urban Studies (MSc.) in London und promoviert derzeit an der Hafencity Universität im Fachbereich Kultur der Metropolen.

Juliane Zellner

Juliane Zellner holds a degree in Theatre Studies (M.A.) from LMU Munich and a degree in Urban Studies (MSc) from UCL London.

Currently she is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Metropolitan Culture at the HCU Hamburg.